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The renewable and clean energy industry is moving at pace, one example being the energy storage sector which is expected to reach a market value of $9,094.4 million by 2020. The way it is transforming is providing a wealth of opportunities and challenges for business start-ups, growing enterprises and established corporates alike.

Realising an opportunity has with it inherent risks, especially when the opportunity involves new markets, new technology or new projects which lead a business into unfamiliar territory. Many of these risks can be mitigated against by having the right people with the right skills, experience and knowledge to help you navigate your way towards success.

If you are a growing business or multinational and you are looking at moving into a new sector within clean energy or energy storage, you may need someone to fill in a critical skill gap and help get your project moving.

Likewise, if your business is looking at expanding into a new country or a new market, you may want to trial it out first on a non-permanent basis to assess whether or not it is viable.

Or, if you are a start-up, you may need someone with a wealth of experience in the industry to help you get acquainted with the rapidly-changing world of clean energy.

Employing the right people on an interim basis is a great way of buying in key skills as and when you need them, and it can often be the most cost-effective way of managing human resources.

As executive search specialists we have a network of people at the forefront of their fields who are ready to provide your business the support it needs whenever you need them, whether it be in energy storage, solar pv or one of the many other clean energy sectors.

If you are an employer interested in locating the right talent to overcome your immediate challenges, or an individual who wants to bring their skills and knowledge to a fixed-term project, connect with us today using the simple form below.

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