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We understand how important it is to hold on to people with quality skills, experience and knowledge especially if you are competing in a changing market like clean energy. We also understand how difficult, time-consuming and expensive it can be to replace them.

A report from Oxford Economics has revealed that it costs a business, on average, around £30k to replace an employee once they decide to leave, for more senior roles this figure would be very conservative. This is reflected in another report detailing how recruiting and selecting the right people for senior level positions can often cost over twice as much as the annual salary of the position you’re looking to fill.

As a leading executive search company in clean energy we have many years of experience in dealing with people who are dissatisfied with their workplace, and are looking for a new role, sometimes with a rival company. We understand what they aspire to, and what they are looking to leave behind. Through this, we have come to a thorough understanding of what steps a company should and can take to hold on to their key talent, and to keep key human resources inside your company, rather than losing them to a competitor.

In 2018 labour turnover is already costing:




(Based on the Oxford economics report, estimated labour turnover costs throughout 2013)

Through our retention services, you can be assured that your business can follow its long-term plan, by building on your human resource assets and reduce the risk of them leaving at key strategic times. Although we specialise in clean energy related recruitment and retention, this is a service we offer to businesses of all descriptions.

We identify recurrent issues and mitigate against these proactively with cost-effective strategies. As part of this process we also look at what you can do to engage with your employees more, and how you can facilitate mutual understanding and a shared vision for success across your workplace. Of course the additional upside is that not only will you be less likely to lose any key talent, you will be seen as a far more attractive workplace when you look to acquire new talent into your company.

To ensure that your best people remain absolutely committed to you and the goals of your business, get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation consultation using the simple form below.

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