I am writing this on the eve of my one year anniversary with Hyperion Executive Search, and naturally it is a time for reflection.

12 months ago I chose to take a big step out of my comfort zone, leaving a company where I’d spent 8.5 years and set out on a new path. Not only was I leaving behind the comfort zone of a familiar company – it was also a transition away from the traditional energy / process industries and into the exciting, new world of Cleantech and Clean Energy. You could say a jump from the “dark side” to the “light”!

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but putting the nerves behind me, I made the leap and I look back on that decision and it has been the best thing I’ve ever done!

I wanted to share a few of my reflections from this first 12 months…

Development & Self-Discovery

The thing that has stood out to me the most in Hyperion is the appetite to keep developing and striving for the best. One of our key leadership principles is Learn & Be Curious and the possibilities afforded to us are fantastic. Whether this be the professional training & development opportunities through our SRA Networks partnership, our internal coaching sessions, or even just allocated time for self-improvement.

We are constantly encouraged to keep pushing ourselves – to take steps out of the comfort zone and be creative. If I’m honest, prior to Hyperion I had never written a blog and seldom worked on video content for social media platforms for example, but now its commonplace! It helps having a supportive team around you, who are all striving to be the best version of themselves.

Knowing there are pathways for progression ahead and a fully supportive Management team, it gives you a great degree of job satisfaction.

Our amazing team

Speaking of team, it’s been a pleasure working with colleagues from many walks of life – different nationalities, cultures and religions. On our recent trip to Munich for INTERSOLAR, it was a pleasure to spend time with Luisa in our DACH team – she is originally from Dominican Republic and it was great to learn about her heritage and her experience moving to Germany. Likewise, spending some quality time with Robert and Mike from the US team helped to broaden your perspective and share ideas on how business can be improved.

The team spirit has shone through. There is a healthy competitive spirit and I’ve enjoyed pushing myself against excellent colleagues – the desire to win mindset has been infectious. Hyperion has huge ambitions and everyone is being given the opportunity to play a pivotal role!

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Making a difference 

Making a difference is an overused phrase but for me it holds significant value. If you can go to bed each night knowing that you have played a part in helping the clean transition, then you can sleep easy.

Having worked in more traditional industries previously, I came across my fair share of naysayers and in some cases, it felt like the passion had been sucked out of these sectors. In contrast, the cleantech sector is full of energy, creativity, and passion to make real impact.

I have found this first 12 months very rewarding in that sense. I feel proud to be playing a small part in such an important movement and that underlying message keeps me motivated each day!

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Pushing the boundaries 

My first year in Hyperion has been one of self discovery. At times I’ve asked myself questions that haven’t been asked before – deeper thinking around self reflection and critique. All led and encouraged by wonderful leadership from our CEO David Hunt.

Whenever I am describing Hyperion to friends and family, I always find myself using the same word – SUCCESS. Everyone in our team is super talented and hungry to be successful. I thrive in this environment and its been refreshing to be part of a super motivated team that is constantly pushing the needle.


All in all, I have had a blast this last 12 months. Nobody in Hyperion takes themselves too seriously and rather than ultra formal processes and procedures, there is a great emphasis on the things that count – offering an excellent service for our clients and enjoying ourselves.

We enjoy each others company and have a laugh and there is a culture of trust and flexibility that is refreshing. Our MD DACH, Wolfgang once described Hyperion as “recruitment company for adults” and I couldn’t agree more!

Recently we spent a few days together as a full team in Munich for INTERSOLAR. Of course the show was great and productive but I also had a wonderful time with our team, having a laugh over endless amounts of bratwurst, schnitzel and Bavarian beer!

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As I move into my second year at Hyperion and I’m no longer the newbie, I look back with pride and fond memories of the journey so far. Moreover feelings of excitement and curiosity as to what lies ahead, as we continue to expand and cement Hyperion as the number 1 / de facto Cleantech executive search firm in the world. WATCH THIS SPACE!

David Beeston, Senior Consultant- Energy Storage