Employee Attraction & Company Culture

Objective: To establish a common understanding and shaping of the management team culture to ensure alignment and cultural fit for new hires.

This will enable the recruiting team to articulate the team and company culture to the candidate and establish as part of the process whether there would be a good cultural fit. This exercise has the added benefit of ensuring that there is an articulated common purpose and shared core values amongst the leadership team.

Team Process

The management team come together with a facilitator to discuss their organisational purpose and distil that thinking into a Purpose statement- this will allow them to communicate succinctly to customers, employees, and potential recruits why they do what they do. They will also create an agreed collection of core values that underpin their purpose, which will communicate how they do their business and what is important to them as a collective. It is also a fantastic opportunity for the team to share their own individual purposes and have a different type of conversation with each other. The process will be an initial collective discussion to arrive at a draft purpose statement and create draft core values with a follow up meeting to finalise once there has been reflection time.

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I was recruited by David for the role of Chair of Mixergy a cleantech start-up company entering its growth phase. David was professional throughout the process, he not only kept me updated on my progress though the recruitment steps but also offered guidance on how VC led investment boards approached the challenge of securing a chair. David continued to stay in contact after the selection decision was made to ensure that my first month in Mixergy was a positive experience also checking in with the other board members – excellent stakeholder management. From initial contact, through the interview process, contract discussions and starting the role, David was supportive, engaging and effective. He delivered an excellent fit between client side requirements and my skill set and aspirations, great work!

David Pinder, Executive Chair - Mixergy

David Hunt and Hyperion have been involved in several high-level recruitments for EVBox, both in the UK as well as other European countries. Professional, thorough and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hyperion when recruiting new staff.

Peter van Praet, COO, EVBox

JenaBatteries was looking for an addition to our leadership team. We needed a recruiting professional who can understand what we need and who has a strong candidate network to quickly identify the best match. Wolfgang Kick at Hyperion exceeded our expectations.

Dr Olaf Conrad, Managing Director, JenaBatteries
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