How Do Investors Qualify The Types Of Companies They Invest In?

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A Guide To Assess Venture Capital Ebook Cover

Hyperion Executive Search builds teams for the most innovative cleantech companies, enabling them to find extraordinary people. In recent months, we’ve interviewed a variety of VC investors and have captured their best advice.

In this exclusive guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a venture capital investor is looking for in an entrepreneur.
  • How cleantech founders can position themselves for investment.
  • The criteria most VCs apply.
  • What crucial pieces of advice are that every entrepreneur in this space needs to know.

We hope this guide will help entrepreneurs navigate the tricky waters of finding and securing investment. We have compiled the very best and most useful advice from the very top of the cleantech venture capital profession into this document so you can access it in one central place.

It represents an indispensable guide to what VCs think and what they want from founders and entrepreneurs.

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