Project Description

EAS is a leader in developing innovative power-management solutions perfection, crafted for the individual needs of industry clients coming from marine, space, defense, public transportation, commercial fleet, construction and many others where high quality and high safety are essential.

Since June 2017, EAS is fully owned by the Monbat Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of lead-acid batteries with vertical integration and production and recycling facilities in 5 European countries.

The Role

The company was on the verge of the next growth phase and needed a Head of Sales to drive its international expansion.

The Challenge

EAS Batteries specialises in powering some of the boldest projects of our time and offers tailor-made heavy duty, high power and high energy cylindrical Lithium-ion cells from 7.5 Ah up to 50 Ah. The firm not only offers world class products – which are also used by NASA – but it also engages in cell consulting, battery consulting, materials development, custom cell design, custom cell manufacturing and custom battery design.

The client needed a world class sales leader who combined strategic acumen with a hands-on attitude and a strong network in the relevant target markets like maritime and mining. In addition to the specific skill set, we needed a personality who was willing to spend some time at the company`s manufacturing/ R&D hub which is located in a rural part of Germany.

The Solution

We engaged with the CEO and made sure we understood all aspects of the role and the required personality. Utilising all sourcing channels, but in particular our extensive network in the global community of energy storage experts, we identified and evaluated more than 200 candidates in the initial research process.

Based on in depth behavioural questions we were able to deliver a short-list of 3 high caliber candidates to the client.
After a thorough interview process, the preferred candidate emerged from the shortlist. We assisted the client during the contract negotiations as well and secured an excellent candidate for the role.

The Result

The project was successfully concluded with 9 weeks and both the candidate and the client feel that it is a perfect match.


EAS Batteries was using Wolfgang‘s service to fill an important vacancy in our sales team. This task has been accomplished swiftly, professionally and with a profound understanding what kind of person would suit our needs and our company culture. The new colleague as well as the team surrounding him are very satisfied with this new arrangement. On top of this very positive outcome it has been a pleasure to exchange ideas and discuss various CVs with Wolfgang and cooperate with him along the whole process. Wolfgang has the appropiate working ethos as a consultant. He is after the perfect result. Not after quick gains. Our next vacancy will surely be filled via Wolfgang again.

Michael Deutmeyer, CEO EAS Batteries GmbH