Project Description

JenaBatteries GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of large-format energy storage systems with capacities of 40 kWh and above. The company develops, manufactures and sells safe and scalable organic Redox Flow batteries.

Its competitive advantage over other storage technologies lies in the fact that the battery’s performance and capacity are scalable. Furthermore, these batteries are neither flammable nor explosive and do not use heavy metals or aggressive acids. They, therefore, contribute to a successful and sustainable energy system transformation.

The Position

We were commissioned by the company to find a VP for Engineering and Production at the end of March 2019.

The Challenge

The company was at a critical point in its development. The first pilot and test project had been successfully started, and the next step was the manufacturing of the first small series as well as a transition to mass production.
An experienced candidate was required for this position, someone who would bring both strategic and operational expertise from industrial series production, something that did not necessarily exist in the relatively young energy storage industry. Moreover, a real pioneering spirit was required to master the challenges of commercialising a completely new technology.

The Approach

As we were commissioned by the client, it was possible to use all available resources. We put together a project team of dedicated research and account managers. Our methodology allowed us to fully understand the company, culture and required profile and to evaluate the available pool of candidates from various markets.

The most interesting high calibre candidates were contacted in a targeted, personalised manner and supported by an “Opportunity Document” developed specifically for the position, which described the role in an informative and transparent manner.

The Result

The project was successfully completed in May with the signing of a contract by the desired candidate. The process included an extensive research phase, detailed interviews and support in concluding the contract with the selected candidate, who assumed the position in August.


JenaBatteries was looking for an addition to our leadership team while transitioning to a production company. The most critical requirement was to complement existing skills and to prepare the company for a very aggressive growth plan. We needed a recruiting professional who could understand what we required and who could tap into an excellent research team and strong candidate network to quickly identify the best match. Wolfgang exceeded our expectations. Within just a few weeks and with very little effort on my part, Wolfgang assembled a shortlist of exceedingly well-qualified candidates. Each of them had a very different skill set but were all very relevant to the role. Moreover, each of the candidates were also, interestingly enough, a good match with the spirit of the company. This speaks to Wolfgang’s people’s skills. I’ve never experienced such a pleasant recruiting process. Wolfgang (and the Hyperion Team) delivered stellar results in record time. Everything from candidate research, pre-assessment, short-listing, interview preparation, post-interview follow-up, through contract negotiation were all managed quietly and efficiently. I am already looking forward to the next time I have the privilege to work with Wolfgang again.

Dr. Olaf Conrad, Managing Director, JenaBatteries