Project Description

LeydenJar Technologies is a Dutch based high-tech venture, developing a 100% silicon anode that boosts the energy density of Li-ion battery cells for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and residential energy storage.

The Challenge

LeydenJar was founded in 2016 as a spin out from The Energy Research Centre in the Netherlands. Their unique pure silicon anode solution can boost the energy density of lithium-ion battery cells by up to 50%.

Following investment into the business, it was time to scale-up. The company needed a Director of Battery Development based from their brand new laboratory in Leiden, Netherlands to lead on the vision and development of the technology roadmap.

The Solution

Since first meeting CEO Christian Rood at the EcoSummit cleantech start-up event in Berlin in 2018, we kept in touch and followed the company’s progress. After the investment was secured, we met again to get a deeper understanding of the profile of the candidate for the critical Director Battery Development role. We understood that the business truly valued having a diverse team and were keen to explore a broad mix of candidates to find the best technical and cultural fit. The Hyperion research team then scoured the European battery landscape for the most talented R&D leaders.

The Result

Within five weeks we were able to provide a strong shortlist of candidates. LeydenJar were quick to move with initial video calls with the candidates; a full day interview followed across their laboratory and HQ in Leiden, as well as at their production facility in Eindhoven. This gave the candidates a full insight into the company, meeting the senior management, team members and external advisors.

An offer followed for the preferred candidate, Yiseop Ahn, shortly after. As the candidate is a Korean national, the Hyperion team continued to provide support whilst LeydenJar managed the process of securing a visa. Soon after starting the Director of Battery Development role, Yiseop Ahn was quickly promoted to the CTO position.


Ross and David were very effective in recruiting the right Battery Director for us. In the fast emerging European battery market, specialist R&D talent is in big demand. Ross was able to position LeydenJar as an attractive and scarce entrepreneurial opportunity, allowing a Battery Director to have a high impact based on our pure silicon anode technology that boosts the energy density of Li-ion cells. I can recommend working with Hyperion!

Christian Rood, Co-Founder, LeydenJar Technologies

Ross is an excellent liaison between seekers of jobs and experts. He has a great understanding on the technical terms used in the cleantech industry and the needs for high-tech products in the industry, which enables him to meticulously understand expertise of job seekers and technical background of expert seekers. His prompt and timely response is certainly something that eases the flow of communication throughout the process from connection stage to on-boarding stage.

Yiseop Ahn, CTO, LeydenJar Technologies