As you may have seen from recent posts we have, after several years of serving Germany and the DACH region, opened our GmbH, based out of Munich. It was a tough choice between Berlin and Munich. We have had, and will maintain, a satellite office in Berlin for some time. It’s a city we love and visit regularly, and has of course a vibrant start-up scene in cleantech. We will continue to work with and support our clients, and be regular visitors to Berlin (and Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hannover……..)

Berlin EcosumitThe nature of what we do, and the roles we recruit mean that our location isn’t a big issue. We work across EMEA and in the US, and will continue to do so from our Liverpool and London offices. Travel for meetings and interviews is part and parcel of our working lives, and an aspect I and all of the team very much enjoy.

Munich itself though also has a thriving clean energy start-up scene, as well as established companies in renewables and clean energy. It’s also close to the Automotive heartlands of Germany, and eMobility is a significant part of our core activities, having recruited for the global market leaders in EV charging infrastructure and the wider eMobility market. It’s also a city that we regularly visit for Intersolar/EES and other trade shows at the Messe, as well as client meetings.

Whilst we will build our team in Munich, the purpose of the GmbH will be to find the very best talent, for the very best companies, for the very best outcomes of our clients around the world, for roles based in the DACH region (Die besten Leute für die besten Unternehmen zu finden, die besten Ergebnisse zu erzielen, für die bestmögliche Zukunft des Übergangs zu sauberer Energie und Mobilität). The team will be led by myself and our MD/Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Kick. Having a dedicated team based in Germany will mean we can be even more involved and active in the markets we serve, and be able to build on our already strong network of clean energy movers, shakers and influencers.

Intersolar 2017At Hyperion we’ve always been an international business, and in particular a European business, and very proud to be such. We look forward to continuing to provide outstanding service to the companies and candidates we serve in the region. Whilst the UK and Germany are strong markets we already recruit across the whole of Europe and Scandinavia and increasingly the US. If you have a passion for clean energy and mobility, and our core purpose and values resonate with you, and you want to build a purposeful career, we are looking to grow our teams in Liverpool and Munich.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing many of you soon for Kaffee und Kuchen.