As a start-up leader the image above will surely resonate. (In fact, there probably needs to be many more plates!)

You are the people manager, business developer, marketeer, accountant, fundraiser, project manager, IT guru, investor relations manager, HR Lead and probably even the in-house barista!

Not forgetting your responsibilities to family, friends, pets etc.

Juggling so many plates is not only exhausting and draining for your mental health, but is also unsustainable for your business. Ultimately you won’t give enough attention to the fundamentals that matter most and your company will suffer.

You simply MUST act.

1️⃣   Prioritise the most urgent and important tasks, and find ways to outsource others.

2️⃣   Learn to say NO!

3️⃣   Hire great people to lead key areas of your business, to free up your time.


Now the irony here is the third point actually exacerbates the issue, as hiring ain’t easy! This is where a Search Partner like Hyperion Executive Search comes to your rescue.

1️⃣   We run an end-to-end search process, taking care of everything from candidate evaluations to reference checks, and you just focus on the final interviews.

2️⃣   We sell your business to market leading candidates, getting your compelling story out to a wider audience!

3️⃣   We provide you with vital market feedback on your company and industry, including in our service, helping you invest your time into the right areas and offering guidance on where to adjust focus, if needed.

4️⃣   Ultimately, we hire you A player talent that can take ownership of various departments, meaning you spin less plates!

By trusting Hyperion to run your hiring process, you’re not only freeing up time that can be dedicated to other vital areas of your business, you’ll also be landing fantastic individuals who can support you in achieving your mission.

If you’re a cleantech start-up leader feeling the plate spinner pain, then it’s time you speak to Hyperion!