This week I found myself talking to, and recording, two different experts in the field of cleantech investment. Both with extensive experience in all aspects of fundraising across Europe and beyond. I had a fascinating and very enjoyable conversation with Tomas Kemtys of Contrarian Ventures, based in Lithuania, on the ‘Leaders in Cleantech’ podcast, followed by a quick video-call with Gerard Reid founder at Alexa capital. He joined me from Berlin to provide his insight into the fundraising landscape now and Post-Covid.

What struck me was that their view about the investment environment for cleantech start-ups was almost identical – for the right company and the right idea there is plenty of money available. Great news if you’re an entrepreneur with a business ready for investment or maybe just an idea that you’ve been dying to launch, now may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here is my summary of the key insights from both investment experts:

1. Both investors agree that there is money to be had for investors, ‘piles of cash’ according to Gerard! Great news for entrepreneurs, and for the world, if we now see an acceleration of new, green businesses growing out of the pandemic and providing the engine of growth for beleaguered economies and

2. They both also mentioned the need for entrepreneurs to keep talking to investors in whichever ways possible, with live events cancelled and travel restricted, it’s still important to find whatever ways possible to get yourself in front of investors and keep the conversations going – building relationships is key to any investment deal.

3. And finally, some interesting comments on the podcast from Tomas about his expectations of entrepreneurs. Basically, don’t try and be the next unicorn! What is required is a sustainable business, with good economics, with commercial contracts in place or coming soon and, most importantly, a business with impact – now more than ever, businesses that can demonstrate to an investor how they will play a central role in the green economy will be the ones attracting the most interest.

Hear more from Tomas on our latest podcast here and from Gerard below.

Watch Gerard Here

The topic of Post-Covid industry events and networking will be key topic on my next podcast with Ben Pullen of Generation,e entrepreneur and emobility events organiser.

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