Hello. We are Hyperion Executive Search and we’d like you to get to know us better.

As a company, we love talking about the fascinating industry we operate in – between us we write on average 6-8 articles a week covering the latest news, our CEO hosts a weekly podcast interviewing clean tech innovators & leaders and we regularly share content from events we’re attending across the world.  We all care about the transition to a more sustainable future and to be honest, we’re deeply interested in the technology and the projects that are revolutionising the sector.

Strangely, although ‘Executive Search’ features in our name, we’re not that good when it comes to talking about what we actually do.  We recruit in clean technology but with who? We identify the right candidates but how? We are the chosen partner for growing companies but why?

GazellesIt’s time for that to change and we want to let you behind the curtain, for you to understand how we build rockstar clean tech teams internationally and help our clients achieve their growth objectives efficiently and effectively.

Over the next couple of weeks, each of the Hyperion team will give you an insight into how we manage senior-level searches, identify hidden talent, discuss case studies and share feedback from candidates & clients alike.

So whether you’ve worked with us before, read many of our industry articles or just stumbled upon Hyperion Executive Search for the first time, we hope you enjoy learning more about us. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Part 1 – 5th December – Ross Hoare – Who are Hyperion and why do growing companies partner with us?

Part 2 – 10th December – Jon Rose – How do we understand our clients and tell their story in the market?

Part 3 – 14th December – Jacob DaviesGina Kuippers – How do we find hidden talent and build relationships with the best candidates?

Part 4 – 17th December – Wolfgang Kick – How do we manage senior-level searches?

Part 5 – 20th December – David Hunt – 2019 & Beyond, what’s next for Hyperion?