Those of you who know me, or follow me, and I’m flattered that over 150,000 people have chosen to do so, know that I’m a pretty outspoken and passionate person. If you are reading this there is a fair chance that we share at least one passion. Cleantech. Or more specifically, cleantech as a tool to address climate change and pollution. This passion for cleantech led me to co-found a renewable energy installation business in 2007, installing many MWs of Solar PV, when the UK still measured in MWs and not GWs. It also led me into confrontation with the government of the time, memorably, for me at least, leading to then Government Minister Greg Barker hanging up in a huff when we were debating on BBC Radio 4.

This same passion is what led me to found Hyperion Executive Search. An executive search business that works exclusively in and for the cleantech sector. This has taken my interests and experience from renewable energy to energy storage, eMobility and the broader clean energy and mobility transitions. It’s our passion that drives us as a business, and guides our purpose, to place the best people in the best companies, for the best possible future of the clean energy and mobility sector.

I’m fortunate that these experiences have brought me into contact with so many amazing people, all doing what they can to push the sector forward. It has also given me a platform to write in many publications, and speak at many trade events, about the very topic that I love and that excites me most. Cleantech. Taking this one stage further I am launching a podcast next week, ‘This week in Cleantech – Voices from the frontline’. I’ll be speaking with influencers, thought leaders, CEOs and leading lights from the cleantech sector each week, reviewing the biggest and/or most interesting cleantech news from the week past. And digging a little into what drives my guests, and how they see the future of cleantech.

My first guest will be Mr eMobility Roger Atkins. A reformed petrol head that now lives and breathes the eMobility sector, and the convergence of AI, IoT and Autonomy with mobility. I expect many of you will be familiar with Roger, he has over 250,000 followers here on Linked In, but you can also see some of him in action from his electricvehiclesoutlook website. Roger will be the host for next years rEVolution event in Amsterdam.

I really hope you will join me in this adventure, and share in the content and the journey. We’ll be downloadable in all the usual places, iTunes, Spotify etc, and you can access us directly at the ‘This week in Cleantech’ website. We’ll also be engaging with you, our audience, via our Linked In Group, our Twitter feed @weekincleantech, and our Facebook page. I’d really love your engagement, feedback, and suggestions for guests and questions.

I hope that we’ll be able to post the first podcast on Wednesday 14th November, and weekly thereafter. I’d be delighted if you can join the conversation, and share your opinions and help us all pursue that passion for a cleantech future.


Update. The podcast is now live via Spotify, Stitcher and soon iTunes. You can also find it via the website,