Hello. We are Hyperion Executive Search and we’d like you to get to know us better.

Over the last few weeks the Hyperion Executive Search team have done something we don’t usually do; talk about ourselves. Don’t worry, we’ve let our clients and case studies do much of the talking, but the team have shared some thoughts and insights too.

Why did we do this?

Personally, and as a team, we are frequently thanked for the cleantech content, stories and opinion pieces we write and share. We do this for two reasons of course. Firstly, we’re passionate about the topics, and the cleantech sector we serve. The other is to demonstrate to potential clients and candidates alike, that we know the market, the technologies and the business models. Like our network, I’d confidently assert our knowledge and skill in the sector is second to none. We decided to share some of the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ behind our success, and what makes us great at recruiting cleantech rockstars and rockstar teams. The links to these short articles are below.

How have Hyperion evolved?

When I founded Hyperion Executive Search in 2014 I had a very clear vision. We would focus exclusively on cleantech, and we would recruit only the best calibre people for both our clients, and ourselves. All of our team have relevant industry experience and qualifications. Working with average companies, and average candidates does not help us to achieve our purpose to play our part in accelerating the clean energy and clean mobility revolution.

As the industry evolves, so have we. We’ve moved into new sectors, Energy Storage and eMobility most notably, on top of our Renewable Energy experience. We’ve added geographies. As our clients are from all parts of the globe, we’ve increasingly expanded the reach of our network and assignments, now operating right across EMEA and North America. We have added Hyperion Executive Search GmbH, based out of Munich, to the team (we are still one team).

What next for Hyperion?

Firstly, we have our commitment to work exclusively in the cleantech sectors, and to provide only the best quality candidates, and the highest levels of expertise and service. That won’t change. We won’t compromise on that. We know we’re not the cheapest, but we know we offer the greatest value. Our Who’s Who of cleantech clients shows that. But markets move, technologies evolve, appear and grow, and so must we. We will recruit and develop more of our own sector specialists, attending, speaking at and meeting you all at trade shows, conferences and events, building even stronger knowledge and networks. We will increase our profile and reach across the USA, opening offices in strategic locations, providing even better connection to our clients, candidates and network there. We will continue to be at the forefront of new technologies and business models, as the sector digitises, and as we move towards ‘energy-as-a-service’ and ‘mobility-as-a-service’ models. We will continue to disrupt our industry just as our clients disrupt theirs. Doing business like others don’t, won’t or can’t. Forgive me if that sounds boastful, but I’m proud of our team and our company, of our clients and the testimonials they give us. Some of which are in these ‘Why’ and ‘How’ articles. I really hope you can take the time to read them, and as always, I’m very keen to hear any feedback.

Part 1. Who are Hyperion and why do growing companies partner with us?

Part 2. Why Truly Understanding Our Client’s Story Is Vital In The Search For Talent

Part 3. How Hyperion finds hidden talent and how we build relationships with the best candidates

Part 4 – How do we manage senior-level searches?

Finally, if you haven’t seen so far, I have recently launched the ‘This week in Cleantech’ podcast, sharing news and views with CEOs, Thought Leaders and Industry Insiders. It’s available via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and all the usual channels, or via the website www.thisweekincleantech.com

A Happy festive period to all those that celebrate, and a Prosperous New Year to all those in Cleantech.