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Cenex launches three-city vehicle-to-grid technology trial

I’m very excited about this trial. V2G has been talked about a lot in the recent months, but my concern, and I’m far from alone, is what impact will fluctuating charge and discharging have on battery life and performance. Will people really be… Read more

Österreich schnürt Elektromobilitäts-Paket

Österreich möchte die Verkehrswende voranbringen und inverstiert insgesamt 72 Millionen Euro in Förderungen der Elektromobilität. Das Paket ist auch für die Ladeinfrastruktur vorgesehen, mit dem Ziel eines flächendeckenden Netzes von… Read more

Power rangers: Why car companies are moving into home energy storage business

We are witnessing a seismic shift in two of the most significant and wide reaching industries in the world; energy and road transport. The changes really are huge is scale, and lightning in speed. Even as someone that has been in the solar and… Read more

Where Did All Our Jobs Go? (Hint: Robots)

it’s a long time ago that Czech author Karel Capek first coined the word ROBOT. For many of us since our childhoods were filled with robots in the form of toys, cartoons and science fiction stalwarts. The present reality is very different.This… Read more

UK’s first green ISA attracts almost £700,000 in opening days for latest council solar farm

Another innovative funding mechanism for community energy projects. Allowing the public to invest their money tax-free in local community solar energy projects is a fantastic development. These community energy projects are delivering real… Read more

Almost 700,000 company car drivers ‘likely’ to switch to electric if offered

This was very encouraging to read, especially give the huge numbers of people involved in the survey. I think we are getting to the stage where most if not all auto manufacturers have an EV or PHEV offering. I believe Jaguar will join those ranks… Read more

Klimaschutzplan 2050: Keine Blamage aber auch kein Plan

In letzter Minute gab es von der deutschen Bundesregierung doch noch eine Einigung zum Klimaschutzplan 2050. Die Blamage konnte abgewendet werden, Umweltministerin Hendricks fährt nicht mit leeren Händen nach Marrakesch. Es fällt dennoch schwer,… Read more

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