e-mobilityThose who work in all areas of the clean energy sector know that the pace of change is frantic. This is across all aspects, from policy support to technological advances, to business models and finance. No sector is it more the case than in e-mobility.

It’s our job to keep on top of these things. We work with some of the global leading players as they expand geographically and in scale. We also work with innovative start-ups. We thought that it would be useful to not only share some of the key highlights and insights with the market, but also to provide a platform for sharing thoughts, experiences and developments. Without sales pitches (that includes from us) or spam. For that reason we’ve set up a Linked In Group and invite you to join in the conversation.

You can find the Group here, EVs and e-mobility, news, trends and global policies Please come and join in the discussion and share your thoughts, experiences, products and innovations with the group. We’re happy to share product or service news and offerings, as long at their is no overt pitching or spamming of the group.

If you would like to keep on top of the jobs and assignments we are working on in the sector you can get these by following our Linked In company page, which you can find here, Hyperion Executive Search Ltd.

We look forward to growing this sector together.

David Hunt