David Hunt - Managing Partner

David Hunt – Managing Partner

Four years ago I had a plan, three years ago that plan became a reality and Hyperion Executive Search was born. It has been an amazing and eventful three years; we’ve worked with and spoken to some amazing people at some fantastic companies. The good news is the plan seems to be working, we’ve grown each year, at about 30%. We could have taken investment and grown more quickly, followed the usual ‘recruiter route’. But that’s not for us. We’ve always hoped to stand out from the crowd, to be different, to remain true to our values, our culture and our passion for the clean energy sector. It’s no place for a pitch here though, this is a thank you to all of those out there that have supported us in any way; as a client, a candidates, a contact or just a friend.

First and foremost our goal is to be decent human beings, to treat people as we like to be treated, to respect everyone, and to respect and love the industry we serve. That is how we see our role, to serve the clean energy sector, to make it better, to help it grow. Now, without doubt many, particularly recruiters, will scoff and mock at that, but that’s OK. We’ll continue to go about our business, working with the best companies, and the best candidates, and making the right introductions at the right time. It’s an approach that seems to work, we’ve always been profitable, and have grown organically. Best of all, we choose who we work with, and really enjoy the ride.

So to everyone we’ve met at trade shows and events and shared a coffee, or a beer, with. Thank you for your interaction and support. To all those we speak to daily, keeping on the pulse of what the market is doing, thank you. To the clients who’ve paid the bills and kept the lights on, and made it a fun journey, thank you. To the candidates that have shared their hopes, aspirations, goals and experiences with us. Thank you.

We have big plans for the year ahead, for the UK and Germany, as we continue to recruit superstars across EMEA for our clients, and ourselves. We’ve loved opening new territories and new divisions for our clients from around the world. We’ve worked with huge global behemoths, and we’ve worked with late stage start-ups, we’ve worked extensively in energy storage, emobility, and solar PV, and some other tech too. We’ll be adding to our team and our areas of expertise, and look forward to continuing our adventures in cleantech.

From the Hyperion team, thank you. Here is to the next three years, and beyond.