Being a relatively new but fast growing sector offers many advantages and opportunities for companies and individuals alike.

We have pioneering spirit, infinite possibilities and, perhaps most exciting of all, the chance to not just shape the way we work but also the way we live in the future.

From an employment perspective, there are also significant opportunities for the renewables industry, but also the challenge of growing the talent pool beyond those already working in our sector. There are too few experienced candidates for a fast growing sector.

As a specialist renewables recruitment company, Hyperion is starting to see growing interest from candidates considering moving into the industry. There are many benefits to be gained from this approach – the industry will continue to mature, outsiders will bring new methods and ideas and competition will intensify.

Reluctance to welcome some of these candidates though is rife among businesses. They all want a readymade and experienced ‘one off the shelf’. The truth is there aren’t enough on the shelf to go round, and many that are on the shelf should perhaps be left there!  There is absolutely no reason why someone used to selling or installing a traditional heating product, with training, can’t become accustomed and capable of selling or installing a heat pump or biomass boiler.  Those from an electronics or electrical background are naturally technically minded with skills that are easily transferable to solar PV, or energy storage, with the right training. So, too, candidates who have a background in specialisms such as finance, marketing and operations.

Those who have a strong background in project management within the construction sector could just as easily take on renewable energy installation projects.   We need to recognise talent from related sectors, and be willing to train and develop people for the sake of all our futures.

The prospects for the renewable energy sector are as healthy as they have ever been, but it is crucially important that those already committed to the sector do everything they can to spread the word that our industry can offer challenging and rewarding careers, as well as the prospect of helping to shape a sector with plenty of growing left to do.