Passionate, fact-driven, optimistic: Young climate leaders give reason for hope

When faced with daily doses of tragedy – volcanoes, heat waves, wildfires, school shootings, corrupt international political networks, and the consequences of extremism – it is too easy to ignore…

Intersolar 2017

The view from Intersolar Europe 2017

This is always one of my highlights of the year and this years show didn’t disappoint. There was of course an absence of break-dancers and bmx-bandits doing their thing on…

Winning Teams

Company culture, the FC Barcelona way

I was recently listening to a Liverpool FC fans podcast where the guest was Damian Hughes who is a sports psychologist and Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change at Manchester…


The view from Clean Energy Live/SEUK 2016

Some reviews and comments I’ve seen so far have merely stated the obvious, that the show was much smaller this year. That is indeed a fact, and it was perhaps…


There’s a hole in my (talent) bucket

Those who take their business or leadership role seriously know that life is much easier and business is much more successful with real talent in your team. The CEO’s of…


How to make yourself Energy Storage ready

We all know that the solar industry, particularly in the UK has lost a significant number of jobs in the last nine months. We also know that energy storage is…


Finding Europe’s energy storage talent

We have recently won a number of international assignments partnering with companies trying to identify and recruit candidates for European roles. One of the biggest areas of activity is, not…


ULEMCo to build engineering team in the North West

A company that specialises in converting commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen is looking to build its team of engineers, and have retained Hyperion Executive Search to grow the team….


What is the state of Energy Storage in the UK?

Energy storage is the clean-tech hot topic globally right now. It’s a dynamic, fast paced and broad market, at different stages in different countries for different reasons. You may not…


How many solar jobs in Britain will be saved by energy storage?

Billy Connolly is a very funny and highly profane Scottish comedian. However, there is one thing I remember him saying that was not a joke. He was talking about jobs,…